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Workout chest and arms at home with partner

Our new workout at home with a partner, using your body weight and resistance bands presented by Greg Jones, Owner of Monkey Bar Gym Eastside located in Redmond WA. Let’s get creative, and just keep pushing!

In my home workout series, today I’m going to go over two push exercises, with a core thrown in with them, followed by three pulling movements to get a little superset push/pull action going on for your pushing and pulling exercises.

The first combo is for chest, shoulders and for the partner in this core, which makes it kinda fun, the second exercise shown is more for your triceps, as it closely resembles close grip bench press from the bottom. You can increase the resistance by having your partner put their feet on a chair.

The next set of movements are for the back and biceps(pulling movements) that need a chair, broomstick, and bands which you can order through Lighter bands for less resistance and the thicker ones for more obviously.

If you need ongoing programming or are interested in online meal plans, or training plans contact me through DM for more details.