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Strength Training & Conditioning

different kinds of exercisesOur Strength and Conditioning program at Monkey Bar Gym is unmatched. Our training is unique, simplistic, holistic and conscious for people and the planet. Our training requires no machines, we use many different kinds of exercises with free weights (i.e., kettlebells, bumper weights, bars of all kinds, including our monkey bars). One of our mottos, “We run, we jump, we climb we lift and we crawl” stands true to our philosophy, where we train natural movements to move better as nature intended.

Combining various means and methods of training into a sound program involves planning on multiple levels, from task specificity, and fatigue management over the short term to the prescription of developmentally appropriate targets (goals) over the long term. These considerations present certain program design challenges that can be fixed and changed with specialized strategies.

Functional movements involve task-specific force application. These forces are expressed in terms of acceleration, time or rate of application, and velocity–THINK SPEED!! Acceleration, maximum-velocity, and multi-directional skills involve distinctly different exercise combinations. Collectively, these comprise the skill set that an Athlete uses to perform a wide range of tasks and maneuvers. Athletes and everyone for that manner should also develop the special endurance needed to be able to perform in sport, life’s activities of recreation and achieve specific performance objectives in competition and training.

training programSAID the specific adaption to impose demands principal (SAID) states the human body will adapt in a very specific manner in accordance to demands that are placed on it. The principle is the foundation for training program progression, as an athlete must first acquire the necessary technique and movement skills required in a training program, then advancement can occur, either by increasing load, training speed or power qualities, making your workouts progressively harder.

Needs Analysis – Athletic Assessment

A needs analysis is a multi-faceted process that includes an analysis of the physical requirements and essential characteristics of the sport as well as the full spectrum assessment of the athlete. A movement analysis serves as an evaluation of body and limb movement, along with assessment of muscles used, and serves as a starting point for exercise selection. For the workout program to further tailor the resistance and conditioning program to the individual’s needs, an injury analysis is completed to determine possible limitations in performing exercises or performing in a high intensity manner.

At Monkey Bar Gym, we take all of these components together to individually design a program for everyone’s needs at everyone’s levels to make consistent improvement. Assessing one’s current level of strength and conditioning is extremely important to be able to design an individual program that will improve all of their levels of strength and conditioning without overtaxing the body and it’s systems.