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Personal Training

What separates Monkey Bar Gym from other Personal Training Programs & Crossfits?

  • Three different levels of exercises from beginner to expert, we, do not ask our members to do high-level techniques in a fast manner or normally unless YOU ARE READY, or at the Competition Team level, and then our trainers closely oversee how you perform the exercises, & that they are done in a safe & controlled manner and not done dangerously!
  • We heal, balance, strengthen the body and do not harm!
  • We provide a NON-THREATENING atmosphere at Monkey Bar Gym; we are not an ego-based gym, we pull each other up and motivate one another!

  • We provide you with everything from periodic bodyfat measurements and evaluations, meal – planning, goal – setting, follow through of goals and all instructor led classes, or one on one training are inherently built into our system.
  • We have a self-defense curriculum of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA strength for adults, & youth – 6 days week training for both adults and youth!!
  • We-re the only gym that offers a parents only monkey bar gym class to do four times a week while your children train in the self defense/martial art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing this saves you time and allows you to get in shape with your kids in two different studios!! Families are discounted from Regular Pricing!! The Classes for Parents and youth where they can train at the same time are Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Fridays at 4:30pm-5:30pm, or Saturday 9:30am.
  • Alternatively, youth BJJ runs Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sat morning and the adults can train in a strength or conditioning class in a concurrent manner.

Knowing how to apply an Exercise Rx starts with an understanding of what an individual requires.

What muscle groups should be trained? What basic energy sources(e.g., anaerobic, aerobic) should be trained? What type of muscle action(s)(e.g., isometric, eccentric, isotonic) should be trained? What are the primary site of an history of injuries, or the sites of injury of a particular sport or activity? What are the specific needs for muscle strength, hypertrophy, endurance, power, speed, agility, flexibility, body composition, balance and coordination?

Essential components of an exercise training session include:

Warming up
to include a dynamic warm-up
(10-15 mins)
Conditioning or strength training or sport related exercise
(30-45 mins)
Cool down & stretching

All MBG workouts and exercise progressions are scalable to your individual needs. Stability, or our first level is for folks that are deconditioned, have been out of training for some time and need to start off slowly. Strength level is next, where you begin to be able to push yourself harder along with a trainer’s guidance Finally, power level is high, athletic style training, which is the ultimate goal of your training, everyone has their own “power” level within them. It’s our job to bring that out and develop your inner athlete, even if you have never been one in a traditional sense.

Our “training warriors” MBG training uses old school resistance training, everything from Kettlebells, barbells, pull up bars, our “Monkey Bars”, bands, sandbags, medicine balls, battle ropes, jump ropes, soft plyometric boxes, and much more to effectively train your body, where research has shown that resistance training 2-4 days a week on non-consecutive days with at least 48 hours separating the same body parts and training sessions is best suited for general health and fitness gains. Additional training sessions can be added for athletes with enough experience.

Workouts emphasizing multijoint(i.e., compound exercises) that use more than one muscle group and affect the body at multiple joints should come first in a routine. Power cleans, kettlebell snatches, deadlifts, squats, Turkish get ups are all examples of acceptable exercises that should begin a routine. After multi-joint exercises have been completed, sometimes the body will suffer from systemic fatigue or nervous system exhaustion, which is fine, and expected, but single joint exercises targeting individual muscles like the triceps and biceps should always come afterward in a person’s training plan, as they are easier to accomplish given fatigue and balance concerns.

If you do not follow a plan by an experienced strength coach, muscular imbalances can occur and identifying and correcting these imbalances is imperative in a training plan or balancing someone who may sit in front of a computer everyday for work.

Progress in a resistance training program requires lifestyle restructuring. A long term commitment to complete a strength and conditioning program should be coupled with proper nutrition and lifestyle behavior are the only ways to maximally progressing your body goals, in the quickest and safest manner. Prioritizing your individual goals with a solid periodization program will help to achieve this end.