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Online Training
Workout with Greg Jones as your personal trainer online with specifically formulated meal plans and workouts to keep you motivated and strong.

There is a connection between physical training and mental happiness that should be an integral part of everyone’s lives if possible. Exercise needs to become a habit. We are what we repeatedly do.

Jiu-Jitsu & MMA
Jiu-Jitsu was later refined to be more efficient by brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie in Rio De Janeiro during the 1920’s. There is no perfect body for Jiu-Jitsu, it works for everyone. Law enforcement and the military use Jiu-Jitsu as a main self-defense system for hand to hand combat.

Lifestyle Transformation Challenge
Plant Strong Meals, Diet Plan & Nutrition Consultation, Customized Training Program, and Weekly Check-Ins. Register for the limited 12-week Challenge & speak with our trainer to get started!

Nutritional Counseling
Naturopaths and progressive dieticians have long known that fat is not the enemy, neither are carbohydrates. The form and function they come in determine how they affect you. Remember the old saying you are what you eat? This is not entirely true! You are what you eat has consumed.

Personal Training
All MBG workouts and exercise progressions are scalable to your individual needs. Optimizing stability, strength level and power level will get you to high, athletic style capability, and the ultimate goal of your training. Everyone has their own “power” level within them.

Strength Training & Conditioning
Acceleration, maximum-velocity, and multi-directional skills involve distinctly different exercise combinations. Collectively, these comprise the skill set that an Athlete uses to perform a wide range of tasks and maneuvers.