How is the Monkey Bar Gym different than other gyms?
We specialize in natural movements, functional fitness, bodyweight training and old resistance: ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, tires and more. So no more weight benches or machines.
What is “bodyweight training”?
This is when you use your own bodyweight with or without added resistance to a bodyweight exercise to build functional strength — the kind of strength you can actually use: like playing recreational sports, playing with your kids, and other activities that life demands..
What is “functional fitness”?
Your body is a chain of muscles linked together to help you play sports, drive a car and even brush your teeth. All our muscles function together to help us perform these and many other daily tasks. We believe in doing a variety of exercises that work your whole body, therefore improving your functional strength and fitness. With consistency and commitment, you will see your body become a healthier machine, stronger and able to function more effectively in sports, your job, recreational hobbies, and much more.
Will I get “big” and “bulky” by working out at the Monkey Bar Gym?
You will get an athlete build, adding functional muscle while incinerating body fat.
I’ve never really worked out before, is Monkey Bar Gym for me?
Yes! Our workouts are broken down into skill levels and progressive exercises. Because we don’t use machines and we focus on methods of training that involve natural movements and resistance training, we help motivate you to discover and develop your strength and skill, level by level. This way each individual moves along at their own pace.
How do I know what fitness level I am at?
We begin at what is called “stability.” One of our certified trainers will help you find your personal starting point. Each student is then monitored monthly as they progress in order to determine the level of training appropriate for them. As you master a level, you move on through “strength” and “power” levels.

  • 1. Stability (and alignment)
    Focus on improving your ability to align your body correctly. Learn the basics of each exercise, increase your functional range of motion, your stability and base strength. It’s extremely important you develop a good base before going on to our strength level.
  • 2. Strength
    At this level, we make the same stability exercises more challenging by adding resistance or increasing the level of challenge of the exercise and increasing the functional range of motion in each exercise.
  • 3. Power
    Power level exercises are much faster, more challenging and much more dynamic. They require higher degrees of stability and strength. Speed without control is a dangerous.
How much are your membership fees?
We offer many different types of membership packages including:

  • 1 Year gym memberships
  • Month-to-Month Memberships
  • 60-Day Fitness Challenge
  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Student, Family, Public Safety/Military Discounts (Id required for public safety/military)
  • Private/Semi Private training/Sports Specific Training
  • Please call us for current rates and more details.
Does Monkey Bar Gym offer a physical exam?
Yes, as part of your initial consultation we will issue a physical test with one of our personal training advisors. They can identify strengths and weaknesses by taking you through a cardio exam, weights, and stretching limitations. Be sure to bring any health concerns/conditions to our attention so we can accommodate your test safely.
Is the “Daily Challenge” enough or should I do more?
The daily challenge is enough if you are consistent. The workouts are designed to improve your strength and stamina in the fastest, safest manner. It is best to put all of your effort into each daily challenge in order to benefit from your work and continue to progress. With consistency, high intensity and a good attitude, you will get the results you desire.
Should I warm up before working out?
YES! We take you through a 10-15 minute warm up to prepare for each workout and to warm the body. This will prep you for the workout and decrease the chance of injuries.
Should I do a ‘core’ workout?
Doing a variety of exercises each day is the absolute best for true core strength. We do, however, do several exercises during the week specifically designed to target the core.
Should I cool down after a workout?
Yes. Cool down routines are going to be unique to each person and their level of physicality. We can work with you to determine a good way to lower your heart rate at a steady pace without just stopping after an intense workout or class.
Where can I purchase your recommended equipment?
Ask one of our Staff Members how to order equipment. Each item is made by Lifeline USA, the industry leader in functional fitness and portable fitness equipment. And is the number one choice among world-class and Olympic athletes.