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Different exercises for your home workouts

You can use a variety of things commonly found at your home to use as weight for different exercises for your home workouts.

First exercise shown is the Turkish Get Up(TGU), and the different things you can use at home to use instead of a kettlebell.

Second exercise is the kettlebell swing, third is the step back lunge.

Most functional Gyms like mine are loaning out weights, KBs, Dumbbells, etc for at home use, if you have any of those things, cool, if not, there are other options you have to use at home you just have to improvise.

With these three exercises in a combo I would do as follows:

4 X 8 (Sets & Reps) each side doing Turkish Get Ups, depending on how much weight you have to lift.

4 X 25 Kettlebell Swings

4 X 15 racked step back lunges each side

Then add either an optional 4th exercise such as Toe touches(V-ups) for your core or Burpees to complete this little “HIIT” style workout, I like to call an optional exercise at the end a “Buyout” exercise, so it’s not mandatory but considered extra credit
4 X 15