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Why Monkey Bar Gym?

Bellevue, Wa

From the desk of Greg Jones, owner:

So, you are searching for a new Bellevue gym. Usually, this means one of 3 scenarios.

  1. You want to start getting after it again or you are just starting out.
  2. You are in a gym now that you don’t like or doesn’t meet your needs. You feel a change or an upgrade is needed.
  3. You like your gym but have recently moved to the Bellevue / Redmond area and you need to find something new.

Regardless of these situations, you know physical fitness is important, you are undecided about where you want to go and your are doing your research of gyms in Bellevue. Am I close?

We are currently running specials for new members, to see for yourself how powerful our program is.

First of all, I have been in your shoes in all 3 scenarios and I extend my hand in welcoming you to check Monkey Bar Gym Eastside out. I’m truly excited about what we do here and every member is important to me. You will be also.

I know you have lots of gyms in Bellevue, Wa to choose from and I have literally been in thousands of them all over the world. Big, small, dirty, clean, hot, cold, crowded, empty, you name it! I know one thing is for sure. The common denominator from any customer is that everyone wants to be treated with respect and courtesy. You have my word, that here at my Monkey Bar Gym, you will be. If this is important to you, read on. You have probably found your new gym!

I am not writing this to put down or talk bad about other gyms, but rather to showcase WHY Monkey Bar is different. Remember, I have been to literally hundreds of gyms. This is the reason I started my own.

What sets us apart? Great Question. Thanks for asking!

Monkey Bar Gym in Bellevue, Wa is a break from the standard mold of most smaller boutique or bigger Mega Gyms. We make YOU as the individual the focus, and a lot of gyms may make the same promise, but after reading the rest of this article you’ll realize the problem most gyms have is they simply don’t have the know-how to figure out your individual needs. I can show you how I have personally eliminated this as a problem as you read further.

The problem with the boutique/smaller gyms is that they just aren’t comprehensive enough and are too one-dimensional in their approach. Either the strength training is abusive for all demographics considered, as is Crossfits, or other strength-based Gyms and they have too many injuries associated with them.

On the other side of the smaller Gyms are the “Glorified cardiovascular(Bootcamp) Gyms. They unfortunately only focus on the bootcamp, cardiovascular approach (orange theory, soul cycle) are a few, and the law of diminishing returns will ensue with that training protocol. At Monkey Bar Gym Eastside in Bellevue, Wa, we’re comprehensive in our approach. Many Gyms will focus on a sweat, and while breaking a sweat is good, too much “cardio” training can be detrimental. Why would you consistently break down the muscle tissue with a cardio only program to only lose more muscle than you started with? This will create a Yo-Yo fat pattern, which is what those Gyms will do to you in time.

Think about it for a minute. Look at your long distance runners for example, is that the physique you really want and are striving for when you workout? Skinny, with no muscle tone? It’s fine if you want to run in the next triatholon in France, but most of us do not want that as our physique. Some gyms have smaller weights, bands and steps to go up and down on, but at the end of the day, they will not build appreciable muscle and tone you. Rather, they will leave you skinny fat with less and less muscle after years or even months of doing it.

Believe it or not, if you enter in a well thought out strength/hypertrophy training into your weekly plan, you’ll tone up faster, build more muscle, ramp up your metabolism so that you can eat more food, and burn more calories at rest and attain the body you’ve always wanted, strong, lean and full of energy. Everyone knows about the guy in the gym who is there every day, seems to be straining and moaning a lot, but months, even years later, looks almost the same as when he started. This is a waste of time, will create injuries, and is quite frankly depressing. We do not have this problem at Monkey Bar Gym Eastside (Bellevue, Wa, Redmond, Wa)!

How I know this first hand is because I’ve done it. I’ve personally built that strong, lean and full of energy-filled body myself and have taught my clients to do the same. I’ve gone through some cardio only based times in my life and ended up with overuse injuries, and less and less muscle at the end of those stints and learned my lesson. Cardio based workouts are good for the heart and lungs. As far as bone density and muscle that will go down over time with just doing cardio only workouts. I’m not guessing, these are facts.

Customized plans to meet YOUR individual goals with a BALANCED STRATEGY!

At Monkey Bar Gym Eastside, we espouse a balanced program, where we train strength and muscle building workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and then do the cardiovascular, HIIT style on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday with Sunday as an off day. Everyone who comes to us will be evaluated for what to do more of, whether it’s a slower based strength workout based program, or a balanced amount of both, depending on your needs! It’s about balance in and out of the Gym and most Gyms won’t have that balance, we base our programs on lifestyle restructuring, where working on the proper habits we aim to create in you with proper nutrition, teaching you how to pair and in preparing your meals is the starting point. The other facet is in making time to workout and in your workout programming for best results to help you take charge of your body and give you a plan that we like to call our massive action plan(MAP).

The MAP differs for everybody that comes into the gym and is based on doing a needs analysis of you after a lengthy questionnaire has been filled out, and you’ve been properly shown the basics, an orientation has been given and then, based on YOUR goals and only then are you given your individualized plan. Included in the making the plan are baseline measurements, beginning exercises based on needs and abilities, a slow scale up in workouts and modified as you go along and improve. At which point a beginning nutrition plan in given and we adjust as I figure out your metabolism and body as a whole. We retest you, then check where you’re coming in based on the short-term goals we set out with you, hold you accountable to check ins weekly or monthly with measurements and weight, and adjust everything while keeping you motivated all the while.

OUR MISSION = Results for you!

Our goal is to help you achieve what your mind will believe you can change into and it all starts with a vision of what you want, then work daily on that and to not ever lose focus on the end goal. Nobody said it was going to be easy, we don’t say that, we say it’s going to be hard, will not just take willpower to nail the diet plan, but it takes executing a plan. Most folks make effort to and go through periods of eating salads, or no-carbs on a lot of meals, but that doesn’t give you an exact plan to fall back on for consistent eating, the willpower with no plan is “no bueno”, it won’t work. I’m talking about a lifestyle change here, not just a workout, and not just eating no carbs, but most Gym don’t address that as well. This isn’t something you just turn on for 60 minutes every day, it’s your lifestyle, it’s how you approach life in general that counts most and makes the lasting change worth every minute of work you put into it, and lemme tell ya, you get out what you put into your life and body.

How many Gyms have you ever been to that even know or have voiced all of this to you? Have you spoken with so called qualified trainers that know this continuum? We have those qualified trainers at Monkey Bar Gym Eastside in Bellevue, Wa, so if your answer is no, nobody has spoken to me about all these different aspects, then you’ve come to the right place, we can help you and help manage your plan and support you along the way to reaching your goals.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce the most holistic approach in the industry: Natural Training, Restoration Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition. By engaging in this “Wheel of Life,” you will learn the skills necessary to rebuild and realign your body, train like a warrior, and eat plant strong. Combined, these three aspects are called MBG3.

We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

This is why our workouts are partner-based. This is why we don’t use mirrors. And, this is why we train barefoot. MBG3 not only challenges our followers, but our trainers & instructors as well. We feel that you must first walk the walk, before you can talk the talk.

We are driven to do what we do in hopes that we have a positive effect on everyone’s health and the plant’s health.

Bellevue, Wa

MBG was created by Jon Hinds in 2000 and was the beginning of a fitness revolution.

MBGs are the only gyms in the nation to integrate full-body skills training for strength, speed and stamina and a plant-based diet for the health of people and our planet. Full-body skills training and Plant-based Nutrition is the MBG3.

Today, the Monkey Bar Gym is recognized world-wide as a health and fitness leader. Here are some of the milestones the Monkey Bar Gym has achieved in its short history:

Now its your turn, Let the Revolution Begin!

Monkey Bar Gym’s mission has been to create a revolution in health and fitness with a primary focus on functional ability.

First skill-based gym in the country. Doesn’t use exercise or weight machines, mirrors, or require shoes.


First gym in the country that incorporates plant-based nutrition to achieve power and strength, rather than relying on animal by-products or supplements.


One of the first gyms in the country to offer challenging, partner-based training regardless of fitness level.

We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

This is why our workouts are partner-based. This is why we don’t use mirrors. And, this is why we train barefoot. MBG3 not only challenges our followers, but our trainers & instructors as well. We feel that you must first walk the walk, before you can talk the talk.

We are driven to do what we do in hopes that we have a positive effect on everyone’s health and the plant’s health.

Our Gym in Bellevue, Wa is Fun!

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a chore. A gym can be so much more than a place to work out—it should be a community, an environment of support, and a healthy supplement to your lifestyle. At Monkey Bar Gym, you’ll never dread exercise. Our unique variety of programs and personalized training techniques make us a place in Bellevue, Wa you’ll look forward to going, rather than dread.

So, what separates Monkey Bar Gym apart from Crossfit and other small group training gyms?

We work around YOUR physical ability.
With three levels of exercises from beginner to expert, our trainers and instructors never ask our members to do high-level techniques unless you’re ready. Once you reach a higher level of fitness, MBG trainers closely monitor your performance to ensure you’re working your body in a safe and controlled manner.
Incorporated diet.
MBG is the first gym in the country to incorporate plant-based nutrition into a strengthening routine, rather than relying on animal by-products or supplements.
We’re the first gym in the country that does not use exercise or weight machines, mirrors, or require shoes to train members. Our workouts revolve around you and your body—no added props necessary.
We heal, balance, and strengthen the body while doing no harm!
Welcoming environment.
MBG provides a non-threatening, no-ego atmosphere. We support, motivate, inspire each other, and feed off of everyone’s positive energy.
We save you tons of money in comparison to regular personal training. Everything from periodic body fat measurements and evaluations, meal planning, goal setting, nutritional/supplementation assistance, and follow through are included in your membership at no added costs.
Unique programs.
MBG offers a self-defense curriculum of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing and kickboxing for adults and youth six days a week. We’re one of the first gyms in the country to offer challenging, partner-based training regardless of fitness level.
Parents-only class.
We’re the only gym to offer a parents-only class three times a week while your children are in their training class. Get active while your kids are doing the same. These convenient classes save you time and allow you to squeeze in a workout while waiting for the kids. Family discounts available.

To experience The Monkey Bar Gym free for a week, contact us today or call 206-931-6500.