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60 Day Challenge

Does a “Biggest Loser” challenge with a “Boot Camp” feel appeal to you?
Monkey Bar Gym’s 60-Day Challenge

Are you ready to drop at least 10 pounds in 60 days, maybe more, while simultaneously increasing your level of fitness?

Bodyfat Analysis

Body fat analyses at weeks one and every month and at the conclusion of the 60 days

Before & After Photos

Keep track of your 60 day progress with pictures before and after all of your hard work

Group Training

Appropriate fitness level Following a Bootcamp schedule of High Intensity Interval training

Nutrition Consultation

Tailored diet overseen by Dr. Erika Mckeen, Naturopathic Medical Doctor & Greg Jones CNT Elite Trainer

The Program:
The 60-day New Year/New You slimdown revolves around two central components: (1) smart food choices; and (2) daily, individualized physical exercise. Our goals for you will take into consideration your weight, age, health, and health-related constraints. By eating right and exercising hard, you should experience an increase in your metabolism’s rate enabling you to burn more fat calories.
Pre-Program Intake:
Every prospective 60-Day Challenge participant will meet with our staff prior to the August 6th start date. All measurements and evaluation results will be kept confidential and used to assess results. Individual diet plans will be detailed before the first class, so schedule a pre-class consult soon! In addition body-fat measurements will be done at this time and repeated at weeks 4, and 8 ).
Your Part:
We will do our part to educate you and give you our 100% support. You must, of course, do your part by making all necessary lifestyle changes. We make a total commitment to you, and you must make a total commitment to yourself! If you do, it will work. You will see results as soon as Day 1. You will feel better just by being there.
60 days! You must agree to attend up to M-F, with a break on Wednesday from 6:30- 7:30pm & a weekend workout at Monkey Bar Gym Bellevue. Your trainer/coach will push you hard, remind you of the need to eat right every day, and help you to incorporate these healthy habits into your new, restructured lifestyle. You may come more often but not less! You may come more than 60 days but not fewer!

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