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4 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit From Youth Training Classes

Physical activity is enhanced in group settings like fitness classes or sports teams, and this is especially for growing youth. Group training classes teach healthy habits, the importance of being active and discipline, while building self-esteem and confidence. At Monkey Bar Gym, our youth training classes make a positive impact on growing minds and bodies that will set your child up for a fantastic and healthy lifestyle. Here are four reasons your child will benefit from group training:

Supportive environment

At Monkey Bar Gym, our trainers and members are there for you. They closely monitor your performance and level to make sure you’re practicing safe and controlled movements. MBG has a very welcoming vibe—we’re a community! Youth training classes provide a supportive, motivational and inspiring environment for kids to be themselves and have reassurance in themselves.

Builds social skills

Group classes contain an element of togetherness and mutual support, similar to academic classrooms and sports teams. Participants do the training/conditioning together so that they can help and motivate each other when the workout gets tough. Kids are always learning, and it’s important for them to learn how to work together in difficult situations. They learn these skills in every training class and they will come out of this with a better understanding of how to interact with other kids when participating in physical activities.

Promotes healthy lifestyle

If an individual begins exercising regularly as a child, he or she is more likely to carry out those good habits throughout life. Learning the importance of physical activity early in life establishes heart-healthy habits and counters conditions like poor cholesterol levels, obesity, high blood pressure, and poor lifestyle habits that could lead to a stroke or heart attack down the road. Establishing a workout regime once a child is physically able to participate will jumpstart a healthy lifestyle!

Positive after-school activity

Rather than going home and watching TV or getting into trouble, group training classes provide a safe and positive after-school activity for kids. These sessions are a great way for youth to burn energy that has been pent up from sitting in a classroom all day. MBG youth classes are perfect for kids who want to stay in shape during the off-season, or in lei of being on a sports team altogether.

MBG offers youth kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and conditioning classes. Click here for our complete schedule and join our community of positivity!