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3 Reasons to Try Functional Fitness Over Conventional Workouts

The commercial world of exercise and weight loss is a total mess. You probably knew that already. There are so many “revolutionary new methods” and “fitness hacks” that promise to rock your world and whip you into the best shape of your life, but how many of these systems actually work? How many of them last longer than a year or two, before some other idea pops up and grabs everyone’s attention?

When you’re trying to take your own fitness to the next level, this convoluted state of affairs can be frustrating. Most of us have first-hand experience with a program or approach that simply didn’t work for us – whether it was a specific routine at a conventional gym, or a new diet that involved elaborate meal planning and “point counting.”

That’s why many people are understandably skeptical when they first hear about “functional fitness.” Is this the latest in a long line of exercise gimmicks and passing trends? Five or ten years from now, will anybody be talking about functional fitness?

The answer is yes – but it’s not because functional fitness is a revolutionary new way of getting fit. Our understanding and methodology of functional fitness is all about getting back to basics. Here are 3 reasons to bring functional fitness into your life.

1. It trains your whole body with natural skills

In daily life, at work or at play, do we perform isolated exercises with specialized machines that provide artificial support and balance while we target specific muscles? Of course, the answer is no. We only do these things in the gym. Everyday life and athletics involve the whole body working in sync. Strengthening these natural abilities means doing situational training that works the whole body: jumping, crawling, rolling, stabilizing, climbing and running are all key examples. Rather than targeting one area of the muscular system, this kind of fitness trains your muscles to work in sync.

2. It restores your body’s alignment

To think that fitness is all about strength and flexibility is a serious mistake. Body alignment is equally important. Even people who have worked hard to achieve a high level of fitness can be slowed down by misalignments and chronic injuries. An important aspect of functional fitness involves restorative exercise like Eischens Yoga that gently and naturally restore the body’s alignment, leading to optimal function from the inside out.

3. It brings you back to plant-based nutrition

Many people are turned off by the idea of increasing the plant-based nutrition in their lives. Often times, they’re not aware of powerful and nutrient-dense plant foods – or the detrimental effects (on both the body and planet) of eating too many animal foods. Shifting the majority of your diet to plant-based foods has a huge number of health benefits – including reduced inflammation, better sleep, and sharper mental clarity.

Visit a functional fitness gym to learn more

One of the best ways to get better acquainted with functional fitness is to find a reputable gym in your area that focuses on all three of the areas mentioned above. Ask plenty of questions, and try a group workout for yourself. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your body and mind start changing for the better.